Congress services

We provide a full range of congress services. We will take care of all the administration involved, technical matters, and company presentations.

Turnkey professional congresses

Are you planning to organise a congress, specialised seminar or symposium? Do you want to attend a congress as an exhibitor? No experience at organising congresses? Then take advantage of our turnkey congress services and congress organisation. We find appropriate congress venues for businesses and organisations and provide them with technical assurance of their event, create plans for the distribution and location of exhibition stands, install stages and projection walls, ensure the provision of additional services and deal with communication with exhibitors. We at expo level design will arrange everything for you!

Why choose us?

  • Complete turnkey services
  • A broad range of services
  • Professional service
  • Expert advice
  • Sticking to deadlines

We offer:

Congress hall hire

The installation of congress and information stands

The production of promotional materials

Professional catering

The cleaning and storage of exhibits

Congress hall hire

We identify, offer, and book suitable conference venues according to the expected number of participants. We also deal with all the formalities and administrative procedures involved in hiring a congress venue. We can arrange for stages to be built at the hired venue, projection walls to be installed, and detailed preparation of plans for the distribution and layout of information and exhibition stands to be made. Our services also include the hire of furniture and portable equipment.

The design, construction and installation of congress stands

We prepare a graphic 3D design of congress stands and make them. Preparation includes creating graphic prints, 3D logo production, lighting design and deciding on the layout of furniture and accessories. We then take the prepared stands to the congress, install them and connect them up to energy supplies.

Production of promotional materials

We also make name tags, leaflets and promotional materials that will accompany visitors to the congress, on request. We can also order external advertising space to promote the congress.

Professional catering

Quality, tasty refreshments are part and parcel of all congresses. We offer companies and organisations basic refreshments in the form of a cafeteria and catering on a grander scale in line with your requirements. Order turnkey catering for congresses – give us a call!

Cleaning and storing of exhibits

At the end of the congress, we will take care of dismantling the information stands and clearing the exhibition space. If you want to keep the exhibition stand for other fairs, we can also store your fair equipment for you. We do this on our own premises in the small town of of Zeleneč, Mstětice, in the district of Prague-East. Your stand will always be ready for your next presentation anywhere in the world. The stand can also be used to shape the interiors of shops or your sales outlets.

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Order congress services from expo level design and we will deal with the full organisation of your trade fair presentation.

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