Turnkey preparation for a trade fair

The administrative process that comes along every time you want to attend a fair might not be fun for everyone. What is more, knowing how much of what should be flowing through an electricity socket might not be part of your job description. Preparing for a fair is challenging, so we are ready to arrange the whole event for you.

Before we get started

The ideal way to begin successful collaboration is to have a face-to-face meeting where we can get everything we need out in the open. A mild interrogation, so to speak, and the only thing you have to worry about in terms of the fair as a whole. And if you’re not completely clear about a particular area, we’ll advise you and work together to find the ideal solution.

It’s always about setting the objective of your presentation at the fair. Is it bringing in new clients, introducing new products or building relationships with business partners? The next step is to set out the budget. This is not just about building the stand itself – you have to count on hiring the exhibition space, the registration fee, service fees (electricity, water, cleaning, etc.), the fee for presentation in the catalogue, or other banners and advertising in exhibition materials.

Once we have this information, we can recommend the size of the space and its shape (closed, corner, etc.).

Why trade fairs from us?

  • An individual approach
  • Satisfying any of your wishes
  • Expertise
  • We stick to deadlines!

Step by step

What needs to be arranged for a fair

We will fill in the information that you provide and order all services.

We will agree with the organiser on the best possible location within the exhibition area and will communicate with it when necessary during preparation.

If you don’t have your own graphic designer, we will deal with all the required materials. We will arrange the graphics for the stand itself and for other advertising presentations.

We will prepare a 3D design for the stand. including equipment and accessories.

We will transport your exhibits and other equipment to the venue.

We will take care of the furniture and other equipment necessary for the stand.

We will build the stand, connect everything up, and position all furniture and accessories, including refreshments, on the stand.

We will dismantle the stand and, if you wish, put it in storage for next time.

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